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     The Gatekeepers, Inc. was established as a 501c3 approved nonprofit organization in 2015. Prior to its formal inception as a nonprofit, the “helping hands” of The Gatekeepers had been in action in the community for over ten years. Working closely with Portsmouth City Agencies, we have provided temporary shelter to the homeless, distributed coats and clothing, provided hundreds of toiletry bags, snack bags, and laundry detergent bags, as well as fostered partnerships with local hair salons and barbers to assist men, women, and children with hair grooming. We have also maintained yard work and completed painting and minor home improvement for selected sick and elderly residents of the city.


     The Gatekeepers further lends a helping hand to the community by providing an ongoing food pantry. Distributing thousands of pounds of groceries to families in need, we also prepare and deliver meals to the homeless in the Hampton Roads area on a monthly basis. In addition, The Gatekeepers organize community youth outings. More than 150 children and parents in the area have participated in our youth outings which include music and fine arts presentations at a local university.


     Once cast down and homeless himself, Pastor Gould leads this organization with great drive and compassion for helping those in need. He is committed to reach beyond the walls of a building and to impact our community and mankind.

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