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     Gates of Heaven Outreach C.O.G.I.C. was founded in 2004 by Elder Melvin Lee Gould. A family-focused man himself, Pastor Gould has worked at the leading of The Lord to center the ministry around family growth, both naturally and spiritually. It is the anchor of Pastor and Lady Gould that building strong families is the key to building a strong church.

     GOHO operates programs and activities to keep the youth engaged and to promote quality time with family, as well as to encourage the spiritual growth and stability of all members, including the young as well as the young at heart. Pastor and Lady Gould have the strong conviction that as Believers we must work diligently to ensure that we are all continually growing and increasing in the knowledge and wisdom of The Lord. Absolutely no one should remain in the same place spiritually year after year.

     Pastor and Lady Gould teach the Word of God with passion and vigor. Focusing their teaching on life application, members get an understanding of how the Scriptures apply to life right now in the 21st century. The God of the Bible is still Lord over us today. Pastor and Lady Gould heartily believe that presenting the Word with understanding is essential to spiritual growth.

     Another main staple that governs the GOHO ministry is that we love on one another and operate as a unit. When one of us is hurting, we all are hurting. When one of us is laughing, we all are laughing. When we have differences, we work through them in a godly manner and come to agreement. We love each other. We celebrate each other. We honor each other. Everybody is somebody special in this House of God.


     Finally, we are committed to working faithfully to impact our community and mankind. God has given Pastor Gould a vision that reaches beyond the walls and immediate functions of the church. We look for opportunities to lend a helping hand to those who are in need and hurting. We are about our Father’s business, not only to assist and encourage Believers, but to
influence the world.

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