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​     In August 2004, Pastor Melvin Lee Gould was obedient to the voice of God and opened the doors of Gates of Heaven Outreach C.O.G.I.C.  Having the powerful testimony of being homeless himself, he has a love for souls and a relentless passion for helping those in need.  Under his direction, Gates of Heaven Outreach has become known amongst the homeless population in the city of Portsmouth and surrounding areas, and proven that even with a limited number of people, the church is still able to do MIGHTY ministry.

     Elder Gould is the youngest son of the late Pastor Walter and Mother Gracie Gould. Reared in the Saint Mt. Clair area of Chesapeake, Pastor Gould is a native of Tidewater. He is happily married to Evangelist Michelle Lee Gould and they have been richly blessed with two darling daughters, Grace-Marie and Charity Gould, and also three adult children, Keith Williams, JoLanda Mosely and Melvin Tynes.

     At the leading of the Lord, after more than 30 years out of school, Pastor Gould humbly pursued his GED. In June 2008, he also received a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies from North Carolina College of Theology. As Pastor Gould has labored in the ministry, God has also enabled him to become a successful businessman in the Hampton Roads area; he currently operates a hauling company, MLG Enterprises.

    Pastor Gould is the consummate family man and he is faithfully striving to be a pastor after God’s own heart. He encourages the people of God to find balance in their lives which includes time with God and time with family. While the road to this path has held some twists and turns, Pastor Gould has been proven to possess the drive and determination to go all the way with God!

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